Fungicide Testing Information

Product Testing Information

The University of Wisconsin Fungicide Testing Program conducts product testing on every major cool season turfgrass disease from Pythium blight to Typhula blight. Separate trials are conducted to evaluate product efficacy against both summer and winter diseases. Products can be tested in either the summer trial, winter trial, or both. Most testing is done at the OJ Noer Turfgrass Research and Educational Facility, but testing off site at golf courses and other locations frequently occurs.

Summer Fungicide Trials

For a description of the standard summer disease trials conducted at the University of Wisconsin every year, click here. Additional trials are available to meet specific needs, but most testing falls within the trials listed. When submitting a protocol, please mention which disease trial you would like the treatments to be included in. Though protocols for the summer trials are accepted throughout the year, to be included in the upcoming year’s trials protocols must be received by approximately May 1st and testing product must be received at the OJ Noer Turfgrass Center by May 15th. Any treatments included in the “Early season dollar spot control” program must be received by April 15th. Preliminary research reports are emailed to cooperators on September 1st, with final reports including treatment pictures sent by September 30th. Summer fungicide trials can be viewed at any time by appointment or during the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association’s Summer Field Day. Visit for more information. For more information on how to submit a treatment for summer testing, please click here.

Snow Mold Fungicide Trials

The major snow mold diseases targeted in these trials are gray snow mold, speckled snow mold, and Microdochium patch. Snow mold fungicide trials are conducted at 3 or more golf courses every winter throughout Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Minnesota. Testing at multiple locations allows for the evaluation of product efficacy at different disease pressures, and usually guarantees at least one site will have ample disease pressure. To see the host courses for this winter, click here. Protocols to be included in the snow mold fungicide trials will be accepted throughout the year, but to ensure inclusion in the upcoming winter both protocols and product must arrive at the OJ Noer Turfgrass Center by September 19th. Final reports with pictures are emailed to cooperators within 3 weeks following snowmelt, which usually occurs in late March or early April. A “Snow Mold Field Day” is often held at one or more sites in April following snowmelt. For more information on how to submit a treatment for snow mold testing, please click here.

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