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    Fax: (608) 845-8162
    Email: hockemeyer@wisc.edu
    Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab
    O.J. Noer Facility
    2502 S. Pleasant View Rd
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  • If you prefer to use our paper form, you can download it here then print it and mail it to us.
    If no, please proceed directly to Client Information.
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  • Invoice/Results

  • Problem Description

  • Photos

  • Please consider submitting digital photographs of the affected area to provide us a visual indication of the syptoms. Photos can be texted to (608) 445-5490 or emailed to hockemeyer@wisc.edu. Please indicate the name of the submitter when sending digital photos.
  • Payment

  • Payment Methods:

    - Pay at Time of Submission - you can include a check or money order when you submit your sample(s).
    - Payment Following Diagnosis and Receipt of Invoice:
    o By check or money order

    Make checks and money orders payable to Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab.

    Submission Fee:
  • How to Prepare Your Samples

  • - Samples should be approximately 6" in diameter across with three inches of soil.

    - It's important that the sample include both affected and healthy turf, so collect at the outer margin of the affected area.

    - if you plan to ship the sample mail or parcel service, wrap it in aluminum foil (not in plastic).

    If you enclose paperwork, please put it in a plastic bag so the moisture from the sample won't harm the paper.

    If you have questions about the sample submission process, please contact lab manager Kurt Hockemeyer at hockemeyer@wisc.edu.
  • Thank you for your business.

  • Questions?

  • Please contact Kurt Hockemeyer at 608-845-2535 or hockemeyer@wisc.edu if you have any questions.
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