Disease ID Keys



Cold, wet (32°-45° F) Pink Snow Mold Gray Snow Mold
Cold, wet (40°-60° F) Yellow Tuft
Powdery Mildew
Necrotic Ring Spot
Stripe Smut
Take-All Patch
Basal Rot Anthracnose
Warm, wet (60°-80° F) Red Thread/Pink Patch Dollar Spot Leaf Spot
Hot, dry (70°-95° F) Necrotic Ring Spot Take-All Patch
Hot, wet (80°-95° F) Anthracnose
Pythium Blight
Rhizoctonia Brown Patch Summer Patch

Microscopic disease identification key

Adapted from the book The Microscope in Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis, with permission from the author, Pat Sanders, UW-Madison emeritus professor of turfgrass pathology.

If you have access to and basic knowledge of how to use a microscope, this key will help you identify the pathogen ailing your turf. The key has two parts: one using hyphae structures and the other using spores. You will need a little knowledge of these structures, so select the key that will best serve your needs and knowledge. If you can not determine your problem using these keys, please feel free to submit a sample to our lab.