Who Sees the Final Research Results?

If no explicit confidentiality directions are given upon protocol submission, all final research reports will be included in the Wisconsin Turfgrass Research Reports. The Wisconsin Turfgrass Research Reports are a comprehensive collection of all the turfgrass research completed at the University of Wisconsin in a given year. These reports are copied to CD’s and mailed to all chemical cooperators and contract members of the Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab. They will also be posted online at the University of Wisconsin Turfgrass website (www.turf.wisc.edu/) in the coming weeks.

In addition, select studies are submitted to the Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR), a peer-reviewed journal with the American Phytopathological Society. These journals include product testing studies from a wide range of studies on many crops other than turfgrass.

Treatments are also labeled with signs and available for viewing during either the Summer Turfgrass Field Day or the Snow Mold Field Days, or upon request. For more information on either of these field days, click here.

Treatments can be held out of any of the above situations through confidentiality agreements. Confidentiality agreements are generally completed upon protocol submission, and can be as restrictive as the cooperator desires. For example, it is common for an experimental compound to be included in the research reports but only under a coded name. It is also common for a treatment’s results to be completely held out of any public viewing, and is then made available only to the submitting cooperator. Confidentiality agreements can be completed verbally, via email, or an official agreement with the University of Wisconsin can be reached. For more information, please contact Paul Koch.