How Much Does Each Treatment Cost, and How do I Pay for My Treatments?

Summer Trials

Inclusion in any of the summer disease trials costs $750 per treatment, except for inclusion in the ‘Seasonal Program’ which costs $1,000 per treatment due to the extended length of treatment application and rating.

Snow Mold Trials

Treatments in the main snow mold trial cost $900 per treatment.  Each treatment is automatically included at all 3 testing sites in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Treatments in the pink snow mold trial cost $500 per treatment and are included at only the OJ Noer center.  For more information on the testing sites please click here.


Payment for treatments can be accomplished several ways. The quickest way is online payment using a credit card at the TDL’s secure online server. The secure server can be accessed by clicking here. If paying online, please be sure to completely fill out the company name information at the top of the page, and for ‘Invoice Number’ simply type in your last name. Up to three separate payments can be made at once using this method.

The most common form of payment is via check. Following sample submission, Paul Koch will email an unofficial invoice to the cooperator. Upon completion of the final research reports, a check in the amount of the invoice can be mailed to one of two places, the OJ Noer Turfgrass Facility or the Department of Plant Pathology. Addresses for both facilities can be found below. Unless otherwise noted, please make each check out to the ‘Department of Plant Pathology.’ Please note that unrestricted gift letters are not required for completion of payment.

Checks can be mailed to either:

OJ Noer Turfgrass Research Facility
Attn: Paul Koch
2502 Highway M
Verona, WI 53593

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Department of Plant Pathology
Attn: Paul Koch
1630 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706