Are Non-treated Controls Included in the Treatment Cost? Are Standard Products Included in the Treatment Cost?

Non-treated controls are always included in the treatment cost at no additional charge.

Inclusion of ‘standard products’ in the treatment are charged only if they are not included by the company that produced them. For example, Daconil Ultrex® is a common standard in dollar spot trials. If Syngenta Professional Products includes Daconil Ultrex® in the ‘Preventative dollar spot trial at fairway height’ and you would like to compare your product to Daconil Ultrex® in this same trial, than you are not charged for the inclusion of this standard. If you would like to test against a different standard not included in this trial, then you will be charged for its inclusion. In the event the same standard you requested is added after you submit your protocol, your invoice will be adjusted accordingly and you will not be charged for the inclusion of that standard.

If there are any questions regarding the inclusion of standards, please contact Paul Koch.