What are Summer and Snow Mold Field Days?

The Wisconsin Turfgrass Association’s Summer Field Day is always held on the last Tuesday in July. All turfgrass research at the University of Wisconsin will be on display, and specific presentations on much of the research is given by UW Turfgrass faculty, staff, and graduate students. The majority of attendees are golf course superintendents, though significant portions of the lawn care, athletic field, and sod industry also attend. Registration is required, and lunch is included. More information on registration can be obtained by contacting Audra Anderson, the administrative assistant for the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association.

The Snow Mold Field Days are held each spring at most sites that hosted a snow mold fungicide trial the previous winter. The field days are typically held in mid-April, 3-4 weeks following snow melt across the region. Please click here (Snow Mold Field Days) for more information on this year’s Snow Mold Field Days. A short 15-20 minute presentation describing the trial and the predominant damage observed at that site is made at the beginning, followed by individual observation. During this time, Paul Koch and Kurt Hockemeyer will be available to answer any questions on particular products or the trial itself. The entire field day at each site typically lasts approximately two hours. No registration is required, and light refreshments are provided.