Snow Mold Fungicide Trial Sites

2019-2020 Trial Sites

Each winter snow mold fungicide trials are held at 2 to 3 golf courses throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sites in recent years have varied from southern Wisconsin to northern Minnesota to offer a range of snow mold disease pressures. The courses listed below are the sites of the 2019-2020 snow mold fungicide trials. Field days are held at several of these courses in mid-April following snowmelt. Exact dates are usually announced in late March. Plot size is 3 X 10 ft with 3 or 4 replications.   More information on submitting protocols for the snow mold trials can be found here.

Microdochium Patch Trial at the OJ Noer Center – Madison, WI

This trial specifically targets Microdochium Patch (aka Pink snow mold)  The site is a fairway height plot of ‘Alpha’ creeping bentgrass that is inoculated with Microdochium nivale and covered with foam insulation to provide an optimal growing environment for the fungus.  Please note this trial is separate from the main snow mold trial and inclusion in this trial costs an additional $500 per treatment.

Wausau Country Club – Wausau, WI

Wausau CC is located in the center of Wisconsin. Moderate snowfall and a long duration of snow cover allow for a mixture of both gray snow mold and speckled snow mold (Typhula ishikariensis) to be present here. The trial is located on a fairway maintained at 0.5 inches.

Marquette Golf Club – Marquette, MI

Marquette is located in the northern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along Lake Superior. Annual snowfall averages 180 inches, and duration of snow cover often lasts for 150 days or longer. Snow mold pressure is intense at this site, with speckled snow mold the primary disease observed. The trial is held on a fairway maintained at a 0.5 inch height.