Summer 2021 Turfgrass Pathology Research

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Below are the 2021 Summer Turfgrass Pathology Research Reports from the University of Wisconsin. Pictures of each treatment are included for all trials. Pictures are the property of the University of Wisconsin and not available for marketing purposes without prior consent.  Special thanks to Trygve Ekern of Yahara Hills GC, Paul Huggett of Paul’s Turf and Tree, Rod Johnson of Pine Hills CC, Ben Labarre of The Legend at Bristlecone, and Adam Suelflow at The Wisconsin Club for hosting research during the summer of 2021.

Additional thanks go to the companies that sponsored research in the reports presented here. They are AMVAC, BASF, Bayer, FMC, Nufarm, SePRO, Ocean Organics, PBI Gordon, and Syngenta. Thank you for your support of Wisconsin turfgrass research.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Paul Koch with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding this research.

Paul Koch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Report Photos
Anthracnose Report Photos
Bayer Stressgard Report Photos
Brown Patch Report Photos
Brown Patch Lawn Report Photos
Dollar Spot Cultural Practices Report Photos
Dollar Spot Fairway Report Photos
Dollar Spot Fungicide Resistance Report Photos
Dollar Spot Greens Report Photos
Dollar Spot Model Early Season Report Photos
Dollar Spot Model Upper Limit Report Photos
Dollar Spot Nitrogen Rate Report Photos
Leaf Spot Report Photos
Organic Alternatives to Glyphosate Report Photos
Pythium Blight Report Photos
Snow Mold Recovery Report Photos
Take-All Patch Report Photos