Imprelis Information

Information regarding potential damage to evergreen trees by Imprelis herbicide

****Update 9/12/2011: Dupont has released more information regarding the claims process regarding trees affected by Imprelis herbicide. Information specific to lawn care professionals can be accessed here, and information specific to golf course superintendents can be found here. Information regarding documentation and photography of damaged trees PRIOR to removal can be found here, and is applicable to both lawn care professionals and golf course superintendents. All this information and more can be found at Dupont’s Imprelis Facts website.

****Update; 8/30/2011: Dupont has released information regarding both the return and refund of Imprelis purchases in a letter dated August 15th and can be found here. In addition, information on filing a claim to resolve problems resulting from the use of Imprelis and assistance in removing affected trees can is included in a letter dated August 26th and can be found here. This assistance is intended only for professional users of Imprelis herbicide. For more information please visit the Dupont website Imprellis Facts.

****UPDATE; 8/23/2011: On August 11th the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an order to halt the sale, use, or distribution of Dupont’s new herbicide Imprelis. The order was issued because of a violation of FIFRA section 2(q)(1)(f) and or (G), based on mislabeling of the herbicide due to inadequate protection offered to conifer trees such as Norway spruce and white pine. For more information, please visit the EPA’s website (

Imprelis herbicide is a new product from Dupont that is registered for broadleaf weed control in cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. Though much is still unknown, there have been numerous reports of damage to evergreen trees (especially pine and spruce) associated with Imprelis applications to surrounding turfgrass. Reports of damage have been widespread in Wisconsin and across much of the country. As more information becomes available from Dupont and other researchers it will be posted promptly on this webpage. In the meantime, more information on Imprelis and the potential damage can be found from UW-Madison turfgrass experts here and from UW-Madison woody ornamental expert Dr. Laura Jull here. A good online article about Imprelis and some of its properties by Dr. Peter Landschoot at Penn State can be found here.

If you would like to file a complaint about the misuse or misapplication of Imprelis, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) Pesticide Misuse Division at 608-224-4500 or visit their website here.

If you have further questions on how to care for the damaged trees, please contact:

  • Dr. Brian Hudelson; Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
  • Dr. Laura Jull; Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture

If you have further questions on the product itself or it’s use on turfgrass, please contact:

  • Dr. Paul Koch; Associate Researcher; Department of Plant Pathology