2009 Summer Fungicide Research Reports

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Below are all the fungicide trial research reports from the University of Wisconsin completed during the summer of 2009. Also on this disc are pictures of each treatment from the anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot Рputting green, dollar spot Рfairway, dollar spot Рcurative, dollar spot Рearly season, fairy ring, Pythium blight, and Seasonal control fungicide trials. The dollar spot Рputting green, dollar spot Рfairway, and dollar spot Рcurative all have two picture dates. One is in late July during our Summer Field Day, and one is in late August after an extended period of heavy disease pressure. Feel free to use these pictures in presenting contrasts between your products and others, but please cite their source as the University of Wisconsin.

Thank you for your support of Wisconsin turfgrass research in 2009. Your support forms the foundation of the pathology research and diagnostics program here at the University of Wisconsin, and without it the turfgrass stakeholders in the state of Wisconsin and indeed the entire upper Midwest would be underserved. If there is ever any way that I can increase the service of our operation and our value to you as a key supporter, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Paul Koch, M.S.
Assistant Researcher
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Fairy Ring Report Fairy Ring
Pythium Blight Report No Photos
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